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Since Fresh Jagua pasteurized the juice from the Genipa Americana/ Jagua fruit – the gel color is somewhere between blue to brown.
pasteurization make the stain to look darker and helps the fresh jagua stain last longer on the skin fresh jagua gel color

How to keep your Jagua fresh;


Our product contains fresh, food grade ingredients; therefore, when exposed to open air and heat, the jagua’s stain ability depletes. It is important that you FREEZE your bottles when not in use for long periods of time. Squeeze the amount needed for daily use into 1oz or 1/2oz applicator bottles and store it a cool location for up to 2 weeks and no more than 30 days. After 30 days, the jagua stain is less dark.
Storing the remainder Jagua in the freezer will Extend the Jagua’s stain ability for up to one year.
The jagua gel can be frozen and unfrozen as many time as you need to refill your applicator bottle for daily use. NEVER LEAVE THE JAGUA BOTTLES OUTSIDE OF THE COLD FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME!
To thaw the Jagua out, simply leave it outside the cold for about 30 minutes, or rub it between your hands to speed up the thaw time. NEVER MICROWAVE THE JAGUA OR EXPOSE IT TO DIRECT HEAT! Or the stain will not be as dark.

Searching for the Jagua tree…

These pictures were taken in our last trip to the Jungle… 🙂 It was very rainy that day (as expected in the Rainforest…) taking pictures was not so easy and these are the only pictures of the Genipa Americana AKA Jagua that looked good to publish. All rights reserved to

jagua shelf life

What is the shelf life of an unopened bottle of your product?
staycoolJAGUA Ink Gel is just like food you need to keep it in a cold place no matter what. from the moment that the juice is squeeze out from the fruit the staining process has began. the only way to keep the staining properties is to freeze the jagua that not been used in the freezer. Squeeze the amount needed for daily use and store it into one or 1/2 ounce applicator bottles and store it a cool location for up to two weeks no more then 30 days. Storing Jagua Ink/Gel in a cool location will extend its life. If you are working in an area with out refrigeration try to get some type of cooler with ice. as long as the jagua ink gel is in the freezer the shelf life is up to one year.
another way to tell if the jagua good is by smell ” if the gel smell is very strong and aromatic the jagua is fresh and will make a good stain. if the smell is faint the jagua is near expired and will produce light stain.