Removing Jagua Temporary Tattoos

Although Jagua Tattoo permanently stains the epidural layer of skin and is officially said to last a minimum of 2 weeks, there are methods to speed the removal of a Jagua Temporary Tattoo that is no longer desirable.  The first and most obvious method of speeding removal is exfoliation.  Commonly used in beauty procedures, exfoliating the skin sluffs off the epidural layer of skin to expose new fresh layers of skin waiting behind the surface.  Employing this technique to skin containing a Jagua Temporary Tattoo will greatly reduce  its life time.   The second recommended method of removing Jagua tattoos is found at the local beauty supply store.  The wipes used to remove hair dye are an excellent method of removing Jagua, although it may take a few days for the stain to fade completely.  Clorox bleach is the third method of removing unwanted Jagua Tattoo and although it is used by many artist to keep their hands unstained, we cannot endorse it.  Bleach is a harsh chemical and it damaging to the skin.


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